BMX Race Bikes

Snap out of the gate fast with a BMX racing bike!

Lightweight frames and parts, geared specifically to be quick around the track! If you are looking to be geared for BMX racing activities, find the right BMX racing bike for yourself here.

'So, what makes ordering a BMX bike from Back Bone different?'

 All bikes you see on this page are photographed at the shop. 
We want you to know what these bikes look like in as close to a real setting as possible. 

We don't send you a bike* unless it's been built properly.
You, or someone you love, is about to ride this thing! We care about that. So we pre-build every bike to ensure a high quality build before sending to you. That means everything has been tightened correctly, greased correctly, and wheels trued up straight by hand.. Air is even in the tires! All this prolongs the life of your bike and gets you out there enjoying BMX.

*Excludes balance bikes - as there's not much to 'build' on these!