back bone bmx shop australia owner rhysty riding his bmx bike at bmx trails

A BMX Shop that is more than just BMX bikes.

For as long as we’ve been open, we have been dedicated to providing the best BMX bikes, parts and accessories BMX has to offer, with our our main goal to grow BMX in a positive way. We have a strong scene in Australia and it’s our mission to continue to grow it.

Your support means our ability to put back into the scene across Australia and the world. We’re confident when we say that no other store works as hard to grow the scene like we do..

Back Bone BMX started as a dream, progressed to a couple of small boxes in the back of a ute and has grown into a Canberra BMX shop that now reaches riders of BMX Australia wide and across the world.

We’ve been lucky enough to make a lot of new friends, whether it be when customers set foot in the shop, with a high five at the park, when a rider comes to collect their prize for a jam we’ve put on, or through the countless e-mails and phone calls we receive.

These people have all helped shape Back Bone BMX into what it is today.

It’s pretty exciting to think about where we’ve come from and we’re even more excited to think about what we have planned in the years to come.

We don’t start our BMX schedule when the shop doors open every day. We’re out there, building jumps, riding, coaching kids at schools across Canberra.

We live for BMX. We have always believed that building the scene helps the shop and vice versa - the Back Bone of any good BMX scene has always been a good BMX shop - and for us, helping to grow BMX Australia wide is our biggest motivation.

We're stoked that 2018 marks our thirteenth year open. Back Bone BMX is located in Canberra, Australia - right next to Belconnen skatepark.