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Above: Russell Brindley didn't take part in the comp, but he did rip a mean table in the bowl jam afterwards. Photo: Karl Cottrell. We were very lucky to have held our first of the 4 round BMX comp series on the 22nd of March - right before COVID-19 tightened up yet again just hours after the comp was held.  Belco park was the home for the first stop and people arrived from all over to take part. It was a great turn out and everyone in attendance seemed appreciative of some normalcy, despite adhering to the social distancing guidelines that...

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Danny Stevenson lived up to his name on this trip. Full weaponhead status in Bondi deep end. Photo: Tyson JP The quest for riding concrete bowls never ends. We took a trip up the coast with not too much of an itinerary, except to ride some parks we hadn't before, as well as get a better session at some that we had. The NSW coast offers up some ridiculously good concrete skateparks, but we had bowls in mind - hopefully some with some deep transition. We definitely got a good serving of them. We also got to plan our trip...

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Above: Kris McCreath AKA Parrot, ripping around the berm toward the hut. Every November since 2012, we've ran a jam to commemorate the life of our friend, team rider and absolute savage trail rider, Dane Searls. We have never wanted the D.A.N.E. jam to be the only jam to pay respect to his legendary life, nor should it be. A jam where hundreds of people turn up, or a private jam that only a few in-the-know locals have, doesn't matter, especially when it's to acknowledge and celebrate the life of a legend like Dane Searls. This year we wanted to encourage...

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