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Rhysty stylin' at Castle Hill BMX track. Photo: Mitch Ramm Back Bone co-owner Rhys Williams AKA Rhysty was full of moves at the BMXNSW BMXtreme carnival at Castle Hill BMX track a couple of weekends back!   Rhys raced his 40-44 age group against a tough field on a fun track for the pre-NSW titles and well, you'll just have to watch the video to get a glimpse of what went down. Rhysty is in lane three.  Rhysty has been on riding BMX since he was 6 years old, but used to race AA Pro back in his early 20s, but as is...

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Some of the crowd, stoked to have a crew arrive despite the time change. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni Six years have passed since Dane Searls' passed away, it never gets any easier to think of the reason why this jam is held. But all you can do each year is have Dane in mind while you get the trails running as good as you can, and then enjoy laps with some friends on the day, in celebration of the life of a trail riding, BMX badass. I have to make special mention to Dane's mum, Jenni. Each and every year since...

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The big dog. Rhysty opened the shop in 2005 and it has been keeping the flame lit for 12 years. His passion for BMX and building trails has gone on for 30+ years and that passion flowed on to opening the store, as well as travelling the world to visit different trail spots. His section in the video reflects that, visiting trails in West Australia, to Eastern Pennsylvania, to his backyard and his trail spot, Hillfire, in Canberra. When we came up with the plan to film a video, Rhysty was 36 years old. Being 36 years old and filming your...

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