Protec x Cult Fullcut Helmet

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The Cult Crew can do no wrong. Their latest collab with protective gear legends Pro-Tec is a ripping version of the epic Fullcut Certified helmet. Featuring an all over design by Cult BMX head designer Adam Roye, the Protec x Cult Fullcut helmet has that Cult look and feel all over it (literally).


  • HDPE or ABS shell lined with EPS and outfitted with compression molded pads.
  • Equipped with EPS foam and is multi-certified for CPSC, CE, ASTM and AS/NZS 2063:2008.
  • The protective industry jargon in that last sentence means a massive machine smashed this helmet against an anvil in a scientific setting to prove to the world it will keep your precious dome safe when you slam.

SIZING (circumference measured above ear)

Please note: These aren't the same as a regular Bucky helmet for sizing! Please refer to sizing below.

  • XS: 52 - 54cm
  • S: 54 - 56cm
  • M: 56 - 58cm
  • L: 58 - 60cm
  • XL: 60 - 62cm