The story of how we came to serve coffee - and what we think is some of the best coffee in Canberra - inside our BMX shop, is due in big part to two things; our love of coffee (duh), and our friends Russell and Emily Brindley at Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe; one of the finest Braddon cafes on offer.

The back(bone) story

When we moved our physical BMX shop to Belconnen in 2016 from across town, one of the first things we sought out was a good cup of coffee in close proximity to the shop. Unfortunately there wasn't much going, but the conversation of coffee and Back Bone BMX kept coming up, especially whenever we hung out with Russ.

At the time, there was two vacant shop fronts for lease next to us and we'd often dream about a sick cafe opening up - we would joke with Russ and Em about them opening a Sweet Bones Belco!

Unfortunately, those shop fronts were leased and the dream lay dormant.

long black coffee canberra

An online BMX shop, a Canberra BMX shop.. And much more

One of the biggest things that drives us and have believed in since we opened our BMX shop in 2005 is being a part of, and building, the Canberra BMX community and BMX Australia wide.

We love riders coming into the shop and hanging out, as well as being able to help out people new to BMX get stoked on BMX.

One of the things that we have found over the years, as is the case with many businesses, is that being a physical shop front is a different experience to when we opened in 2005.

With the ease of ordering from our online BMX shop, the chance for interaction between riders in the physical shopfront isn't quite the same. 

We love being able to reach riders and help customers online, but it's still a great feeling to do the same in the store. So when Russell Brindley called up and said 'I have something for you - you still interested in making coffee?' we were beyond stoked. Our chance to refresh the experience of hanging out in a BMX shop had come once again.

Russell had upgraded his coffee machine in Sweet Bones Bakery and had a La San Marco machine available for us to live out the dream of a badass Belconnen coffee shop in the area; it was just going to be us that was making the coffee.

We trained up, and combined that with the fact that we already fiend for a good cup.

The icing on the cake was having our coffee beans supplied by the epic Canberra Redbrick coffee roasters, which meant being one of the few bike shops Canberra wide that served specialty coffee; we are certainly the only BMX shop that serves coffee canberra wide (probably because we are the only Canberra BMX shop).. 

 Back Bone BMX - serving up from 7am

Our aim is not to become a pumping Canberra cafe, but to entwine BMX and coffee together to offer a rad in store experience with great coffee.

We are now open and pouring from 7am, so if you're in Belconnen and are looking for a great cup of coffee and a good time looking at BMX bikes and the like, come say what's up!