BMX coaching - Tailwhip Masterclass - Belconnen

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Here is a special BMX coaching session for those who are looking to learn, or progress with tailwhips.

All riders participating will need to be current Freestyle BMX Australia members.*

Classes will be limited to 10 riders.


This special 'masterclass' will be catering to only tailwhips. Whether you're trying them flyout, or want to move to an obstacle, this is the class to do.

"This is a trick that I've been doing for 15 years now and have done it over jumps, in airs, over hips, in bunnyhops, topside and downside and everything in between.

I feel that I can give you the techniques necessary to really move forward on your tailwhip game, and fingers crossed, land one!" - Tyson Jones-Peni

If you have them, wearing shin pads and/or ankle pads are a good idea.

*BMXA Memberships will be checked prior to coaching. Those that don't have memberships will not be able to take place. Refunds will not be given for failure to attend, or have appropriate memberships in place.