Animal T-1 Tire

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Joe Rich at Terrible One wanted a BMX tire that was for 'riding tranny and roasting concrete' - he set to work with Animal Bikes to create a truly unique tire for just such a purpose. The result is the Ursa Major (2.4" width) & Ursa Minor (2.2") Animal x T-1 collaboration tire.

There are a few things that make this tire unique, so we'll list them below. We'll be sure to update it with a description from Joe as it comes.

'Square edged' shape: This tire isn't rounded, as you may be able to see from the photos, it has a flat centre, with two angled edges, that then lead to a flat side. When you lean over into the corner, you can see that there is more surface area to hold you where you need to be.

Center groove around the whole tire: This would be to help grip if you are to slide from turning on flat.

Super soft surface compound: Feels really tacky to help wit grip. This is the only tire that feels this grippy in your hands brand new.

Thin sidewall: Actually provides a faster ride, as the tire is able to absorb more. Also makes the tire less 'boggy' and less weight!

- Available in 2.4" & 2.2" widths
- Price is for one tire