Colony Wasp Eclat Raven Custom Back Wheel

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The Colony Wasp cassette hub is fast and loud, with high quality internals! The Eclat Raven rim is an amazing, light weight rim that is tough as nails. We took both and built them up as a custom back wheel, finished up with Colony rainbow spokes for extra stoke. If high quality BMX wheels are what you're looking for, you have found it.

Built in store at Back Bone BMX!

Made to compliment the Colony Wasp Eclat Raven Custom Front wheel we built.


  • Colony Wasp cassette hub, RHD 9t, gloss black, 36h
  • Eclat Raven rim, black, 36h
  • Colony Rainbow spokes, black nipples, 3 cross lace pattern
  • Weight: 1100 grams