Credence CCR Custom Bike

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Dang, get ready to run through the jungle on this rig to-end-all rigs! Lookin like Rambo built it up himself, this epic S&M Credence CCR custom is a top tier ride that will have you tearing whatever you want to pieces.

We built this thing with high speed and badassery in mind; using the finest components from S&M (including the limited edition S&M Camo Shield wrap), Odyssey, Shadow Conspiracy and Flybikes. This full custom CCR complete is a hefty 21.5" top tube, with a tough 30/9 gearing, this bike will have you more than stoked every time you step on board.


Please note: The painted surface of the rear rim will wear with brake use.

Parts list:

  • Frame: S&M Credence CCR, 21.5"
  • Forks: Odyssey R32
  • Bars: S&M Credence, 8.7"
  • Stem: S&M Credence Turtleneck, limited edition camo shield wrap
  • Headset: Odyssey Pro
  • Grips: S&M Hoder
  • Cranks: Fit Indent 19mm 
  • BB: Fit Mid 19mm
  • Pedals: Odyssey Trailmix, unsealed
  • Sprocket: S&M Drainman, 30t, limited edition camo shield wrap
  • Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
  • Hub (R): Odyssey Antigram, 9t driver
  • Hub (F): Odyssey Quartet
  • Rims: Shadow Conspiracy Stun
  • Seat: S&M Shield railed
  • Post: Flybikes railed
  • Brakes: Odyssey Springfield
  • Tires: S&M Mainline, 2.4" (F) & 2.1" (R)