Demolition Rig Cranks

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The Dennis Enarson signature Demolition Rig cranks are tough, tough enough for Dennis Enarson to run the same pair of Rig cranks for over a year. That seems to be enough reason to want to get on them yourself! For those guys that need a crank that's going to withstand the abuse of drops and other hard landings, the Demolition Rig crank is the crank for you!

  • Heat Treated CRMO arms with built in ridge face for added strength and stiffness
  • Forged 24 mm X 48T splined boss that sites flush to prevent ankle scarring
  • 24 mm X 48T splined heat treated CRMO spindle
  • CRMO spindle bolts with 3/8" ratchet and 6 mm allen keyed by CNC'd
  • 24 mm Mid BB bearings, cones and watchers included with each set
  • 170mm crank arm length
  • Weight: 895 grams / 1.98lb