Dig Book 2019 / Issue 99.99

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You already know, DIG BMX has got your back with the hardcopy BMX book you NEED to own. Get it now or miss out.. Featuring our very own team rider Benn Pigot (with a synchronised Jacob Deveney table) on the cover! Congrats Benn and Dev!

DIG 99.99 – a 2019 Photo Journal featuring our highlights of the year, including the DIG HOUSE NYC, the DIG awards, and much more.

  • 196 pages
  • Oversized extra large format
  • The Biggest Issue of DIG ever
  • Battle of Hastings 2019
  • Aterna DVD with every copy
  • Cody Pollard Pull-Out Poster


  • On The Cover: 2019 – The year of the Australians. Benn Pigot and Jacob Deveney were up at 4am for this sunrise table teamwork shot at Bondi flats. Photo: Lucas Comino DIG ISSUS 99.99
  • 010 The DIG House NYC “Edwin said what?”
  • 033 The DIG Awards 2019 as we saw it. 
  • 050 Pascal Lafontaine The DIG 2019 Rider of the year. 
  • 062 KINK Champagne Nathan Williams & Darryl Tocco. 
  • 048 Breaking Glasgow DIG X Odyssey X BSD. 
  • 068 Vans Peru Two heavy crews on a mission.
  • 102 Mat Hoffman Never Meet Your Heroes Jeremy Pavia breaks the golden rule. 
  • 110 Lux Aeterna The most underrated video of the year. 
  • 118 BMX (doesn’t) SUCK (s) Mikes Hinkens on the state of ‘our’ nation.
  • 126 Warsaw Rising DIG X SHADOW X SUBROSA in Poland.
  • 140 Sleepers From night until day via the lens of Lucas Camino.
  • 148 Words & Photos by Rob Dolecki Walsh / Watts / Gralla / Lazaruk / Hoder
  • 162 Doomed in China “The job is fooked!”
  • 162 2019 In Photos The ones we really wanted to see in print…