Have Fun, Die Trying DVD

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It's here! Stoked to have the Have Fun, Die Trying video here and available for sale. Legend and video master maker James Fox filmed with a bunch of full blown badasses to create a top notch Australian BMX video, this one is a MUST HAVE for any BMX video collection!

Full Sections From: Jonny Mackellar, Benn Pigot, Trent Rowsell and Jason Watts.

Featuring a bunch of other legends such as the likes of: Chris Harti, Chris Kerr, Will Kerr, Will Gunn, Kai Moody, Weaponhead, Cody Pollard, Kris Fox, Tyson Jones-Peni, Blake Ind, Rahdi Francess-Cater, Hunter, Josh Tasker, Ryan Hurst, Chris Goldring, Beechy, Tom Boorman, Riley Taylor, Hayden Thomas, Eze Helmreich, Dave Cragg, Alex Hiam, Hucker, Weexy, Red Belge, Kris McCreath, Louis Smith