Merritt Final Drive Freecoaster

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Merritt addresses and fixes the common issue freecoasters have, which is driver bearings blowing out, by creating their own Diamond Driver, which replaces the small driver bearings with polymer bushings. A dialled freecoaster with max slack straight out of the box.

  • Super slim 6061 CNC Alloy hub shell
  • Hollow chromoly axle
  • The hub comes set with maximum slack (we recommend running it like this) but adjustment washers are included to reduce slack if desired
  • Available in RHD and LHD
  • Lifetime warranty 9t diamond driver
  • Any adjustments to the hub should be done by a professional
  • A cone wrench MUST be used to disassemble/reassemble the hub. Damaged caused by you not knowing what you’re doing isn’t covered by warranty.

To reinstall the driver and hardware properly:

Make sure the driver is fully inserted into the hub and clutch is disengaged from hub. Hand tighten the inner cone-nut until it contacts the driver bushing, then loosen 1/4 turn. While holding the inner cone-nut in position (21mm cone wrench), tighten the locking cone-nut against it. If you have a torque wrench, tighten to 20 lb-ft.