Odyssey Evo 2 brakes

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The Odyssey Evo 2 brakes are without a doubt one of the best brakes available, without spending a fortune.

If you need a set of brakes that will cater to a bigger tire (2.25" or bigger), we recommend the Odyssey Evo 2.5 brakes.

Here's the specs:

  • Arms are forged prior to machining for strength and durability.
  • Flush surfaces with the lowest possible stack height (just under 21 mm)
  • Front or rear wheel use
  • Slim by Four brake pads
  • Two sets of springs (hard/soft)
  • Spring tension indicators
  • Modular cable hardware for multiple set-up options
  • Pre-cut straddle cable length to simplify installation (regular Evolver knarps/cable lugs also included)
  • New straddle hanger