Profile Mini/Eclat Raven Custom Front Wheel

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This custom front wheel is made to tear up anything in it's path. We chose the high quality Profile Mini front hub laced to the very awesome Eclat Raven rim, which is the rim of choice of Back Bone co-owner and Eclat Australian team rider Tyson Jones-Peni. The Raven rim is made as a low profile, wide lace rim to help with wheel buckling. Finished up with polished spokes and nipples to raise the quality bar even higher.

Built in store at Back Bone BMX!

Made to compliment the Profile/Eclat Custom Rear wheel we built.


  • Profile Mini front hub, gloss black, 36h
  • Eclat Raven rim, black, 36h
  • Polished spokes and nipples, 3 cross lace pattern
  • Weight: 960 grams