Profile Z-Coaster Hub

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The Profile ZCoaster hub is potentially the most high-tech & most user friendly 'freecoaster' hub out there. The ZCoaster essentially works as a spring/pawl cassette hub that can be disengaged into a freecoaster with varying slack options.

Pre-installed with 60° slack ring (see video below for example).

  • The ZCoaster™'s Pawl is "Z" shaped to allow for engagement/disengagement by the center Slack-Cam Ring
  • The ZCoaster™'s pawls and ratchet ring have a proprietary coating that offer smooth engagement
  • There are 48 points of engagement: all pawls engage simultaneously
  • Adjustable slack available with different Slack-Cam Rings
  • The ZCoaster™ has an outer driver support bearing for the over-sized driver mechanism. This bearing supports the driver from the outside.
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight (14mm male axle): 585g

Please Note: The ZCoaster™'s freecoaster mechanism can only work if the jam nuts are fully tightened for optimum compression.