Subrosa Radical Rick No Wimps T-Shirt - Black

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The Subrosa X Radical Rick collaboration is amazing and a full on ode to the BMX legend that is Radical Rick! Radical Rick was a two-paged comic strip created by Damian Fulton that ran in the back BMX Plus Mag from 1979 and continued to run in the back of every issue until 1993 - even seeing reprints in the early 2000s. Subrosa is stoked to introduce the raddest member of their team, Radical Rick! Stay Rad and don't be a wimp!

This Subrosa Radical Rick No Wimps t-shirt is an official, limited edition release. If you are a fan of BMX history, this t-shirt is for you.

  • Modern, lightweight slim fit t-shirt
  • Special process screen printing for soft feel