Terrible One SFA Frame

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The Terrible One SFA frame is back in store for 2019 and looking nice than ever.

Garrett Byrnes is a all around shredder who has reached legend status many moons ago. Just take a look at his Seek & Destroy section from 20 years ago and the gnarliest roof drop ever (below), that started his reign of badassery that continues today.

If you question Garrett's T-1 frame design, you gotta take a good, hard look at yourself. C'mon. I mean c'mon! It's Garrett Byrnes ladies and gentlemen!

Available in raw with gloss clear.

  • 74.5 degree head tube angle
  • 71 degree seat tube angle
  • 8.5" stand over height
  • 11.75" BB height
  • 13.75" - 14.125" chainstay length
  • 3/16" thick dropouts
  • Top and down tube gussets
  • Tapered seat and chainstays
  • Laser cut T-1 logo on top tube gusset
  • Integrated seat clamp
  • Welded chain stay mounts, cable guide & cable stop
  • Rear end suitable for wider tires
  • Made in USA by S&M