Terrible One Tracking Division Jacket

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This T1 Tracking Division jacket sums up what Joe Rich loves about riding. Finding incredible concrete parks to ride and being close to nature. If trying to track down new 'crete to ride is your thing, then the Terrible One Tracking Division Jacket could be for you..


  • Navy colour with white screen print logos
  • 100% nylon 330D with Interior PU waterproof* coating
  • Nylon Outer Shell with level 3 Waterproof Coating
  • Inner PU Coating
  • unlined hood self neck tape antique brass eyelets
  • antique brass 6 snap front closure
  • elastic cuffs underarm grommets
  • drawcord closure at hood and bottom opening
  • Rhys is 184cm tall and is wearing a large size

Words from Joe Rich on the T1 Tracking Division jacket..

"Its pretty hard to put into words the process of creating something. There are so many little things that can weigh so heavily on you, that no one else would probably ever see. But that’s the beauty of it, and there is a sound feeling that goes with seeing an idea through to the end, and watching it come to life.

That’s what this “Tracking Division” design was for me. I feel like there is always room for at least one design under this theme to always be present with Terrible One. Being consumed by nature, while enjoying some of the best crete ever, is what dreams are made of. I always thought it would be cool to do a jacket along the lines of something that a national park ranger, or some sort of official division of forestry, might wear. Which leaves a lot of room of what that could be. So this was my best crack at bringing that idea to life.

“Amongst the Giants” was our first steps down this path, so Tracking Division will be the next ones. I can’t help it . . . my heart is usually in the mountains, whether I’m there physically or not. This is the shit that runs through my veins." - Joe Rich.

*The nylon fabric is 100% waterproof... However, T1 calls this Jacket Water Resistant because the seams are not waterproof, and features a snap front closure. If you stand in the rain for hours, some water may eventually get in through the seams or the snap front closure.