Tree Lite Sprocket - 19mm Spline Drive

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The Tree Lite sprocket is without a doubt, one of the most worked on sprockets in BMX. Designing a sprocket that was as light as possible, without fear of breaking it, was the aim & Tree succeeded.

The 19mm spline drive version was made for ultimate chain alignment & smoothness, allowing for a clean drivetrain with 19mm cranks.

Fits perfectly with any 19mm 48 spline 3pc cranks including Profile race cranks.

  • For use with 19mm 48 spline Spindles only
  • I-beam shaped arms makes for incredibly high strength to weight ratio. This makes the best use of the material used to form the bridgework of the sprocket. Every single detail has been thoroughly thought out.
  • Teeth have been modelled after the tooth shape used for industrial machinery. In industrial situations this engineered tooth shape keeps machinery running quietly and smoothly at very high RPM's. For BMX it makes it the smoothest running sprocket. Also the teeth are made tall to prevent the chain from derailing.
  • 1/8" wide teeth
  • 5/16" thick 7075 T6 aluminum