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What a machine this frame is! The United Knightsbridge frame is the work of  United team riders Tyson Jones-Peni (Back Bone BMX co-owner) and Epsom trail boss Freddie Housham. Built for trails, concrete, fast riding and catching air in mind!

Here's some words from Tyson on the frame..

"I worked real close and really hard with United and Freddie to create the Knightsbridge frame and I couldn't be more stoked with how it turned out. United wanted to do an updated United TRU frame and I had some things in mind that I thought could make a great frame even better.

First up was keeping the 74.4 degree head angle and 11.5" BB - the BB height in my opinion makes the bike feel super stable and gives you a low center of gravity. 

The big thing I was stoked on was the option to do different top tube lengths to most frames. I was running a 21.5" top tube length on the TRU frame, but I wanted to run something slightly longer, so we decided to offer the in-between top tube lengths 21.125, 21.375 and 21.625. I know a lot of riders that run a 21.25 but don't necessarily want to go all the way to a 21.5, same goes with the rest of the sizes. The 21.625" feels awesome, slightly bigger but without feeling crazy sluggish and too much.

We extended the length of the chainstay. I ran my TRU at a touch over 14", but wanted a bit of a longer feeling back end - so the Knightsbridge lets you run your back end anywhere from 13.9" to 14.5" with ease (that's where I have mine).

We went for chainstay brake mounts but this time welded them on.

The Knightsbridge frame is a 9.25" stand over which gives you a bit more to stand over and lets you lower your seat.

We went with a classic double S bend chainstay which looks sick but also serves the practical purpose of giving more room for a bigger sprocket. I run a 30/9 gearing but I tested the fit of a 36t and to be honest, you could get away with a 44t with minimal spacers!

Top and down tube gussets this time; I never broke a TRU but I like the idea of having a strong frame.

Lastly, I got a chance to name the frame after a bar in Canberra that a bunch of us frequent, which basically translates to a good time - especially if we've had a good session earlier in the day. Hence the Merlot Red colourway, haha.

The graphics were designed by myself too.

I like riding trails and deep concrete - I've been running the prototype Knightsbridge frame since January 2018 with no problem at all and can honestly say it's the best frame I've ever ridden for the stuff I like to ride. I'm pretty particular about what I like and don't like, not to mention being in the shop all day, everyday for the last 12 years, I get a chance to be around BMX frames to see what works, and what doesn't. 

This frame works.

Thanks in advance if you plan on running one!"

- Tyson Jones-Peni



  •  Available in 21.125” / 21.375” / 21.625” top tube lengths
  • 74.4° Head tube angle
  • 13.9” - 14.5" Chainstay length
  • 11.5" BB height
  • 9.25" Stand over height
  • 71° Seat tube angle


  • 4130 Seamless Sanko Japanese Tubing
  • Butted and tapered tubing throughout
  • Top tube and down tube gussets 
  • Double S bend Chain Stays suits up to 36t sprocket
  • Welded chainstay brake mounts and cable routing
  • Bullet tip seat and chain stay ends
  • Head Tube Badge