United Region Frame

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Modern day BMXers don't run brakes, modern day BMXers are running pegs, modern day BMXers like a taller standover height so the seat doesn't have to be jacked up, modern day BMXers want a shorter rear end to make 180s and manual tricks easier. Modern day BMXers run fat tires to absorb bigger impacts, modern day BMXers want a strong frame that's still light and more resistant to denting.

Modern day BMXers want - need - the Region frame from United. All those things are taken care of and more with this frame.

The ultimate modern rig. 


  • Available in 21" Top Tube Length
  • 11.8" BB height
  • 13.2" Chainstay length
  • 75° Head tube angle
  • 9" Standover height
  • 71° Seat tube angle


  • Tapered Top tube
  • Tapered & Oval Downtube
  • TT & DT Gussets for added strength
  • Tapered seat stays & Tapered oval Chain stays
  • Clearance for 2.40" tyres
  • Tapered seat tube
  • Invest Cast seat clamp
  • Matching taper on BB & Headtube
  • No Brake mounts for clean look (can not use brakes)
  • Weight: 4.7lbs / 2.15 kg