Vocal BMX Travel Bike Pump

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Regular floor bike pumps are great but are too long to fit in your bag, hand pumps just have no pressure and foot pumps are too heavy. The Vocal BMX travel pump solves all and has a dual pressure lever so it does the first 50 psi quick and then with a flick of a leaver the next 50 psi at high pressure.


  • Low and High pressure Valve
  • The dual pump head for Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valve.
  • Comes with needles for balls and toys, a dust cap with Dunlop adapter.
  • Volume - 139cm³
  • Maximum Pressure - 12bar / 160psi
  • Air hose length - 52.5cm
  • Metal Body & Small compact design
  • Weight: 485 grams