BMX Bars

A good set of BMX handlebars is a must for any ride!

Whether you want 2 piece or 4 piece BMX bars, you’ll find your next set of BMX bars for sale right here.

A few tips on choosing your next set of handlebars:

  • BMX handlebars come in a wide range of heights, or ‘rise’. Generally the taller you are, the bigger the rise.
  • Choosing a big rise can also mean moving your center of gravity back on the bike, allowing tricks like manuals to become easier.
  • If you feel like you’re having problems lifting that front wheel, you may want to choose a set of BMX bars that are a little taller in rise - generally over 9 inches. Try a set of BMX handlebars with a 10 inch rise for example.
  • Similarly, if you feel like you’re ‘off the back’ when you ride, you may want to choose a BMX handlebar that has a slightly lower rise.