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Above: Russell Brindley didn't take part in the comp, but he did rip a mean table in the bowl jam afterwards. Photo: Karl Cottrell. We were very lucky to have held our first of the 4 round BMX comp series on the 22nd of March - right before COVID-19 tightened up yet again just hours after the comp was held.  Belco park was the home for the first stop and people arrived from all over to take part. It was a great turn out and everyone in attendance seemed appreciative of some normalcy, despite adhering to the social distancing guidelines that...

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The last two weeks has been rad for Australian BMX. BMX in general in fact. It's great to see Vans work to create such an amazing, legit contest here in Australia. Not only did Vans invite a whole bunch of international rippers to come over, but they also gave the opportunity for non-invited Australian shredders (and Ryan Nyquist - who spun a 900 in finals!) to shred together, with the top 12 to qualify for the invitational. It's good to have local legends and underground rippers mix in with the likes of Dennis Enarson and Nyquist, as much as it's...

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