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If you've been to an ACT Jam in the last few years there will be no denying, it is one hell of a time! ACT Jam 2019 went down a couple of weeks ago and we are blown away with how it all went down this year. If you were there, you know already! This is the biggest year so far and we feel that it's already shaping up to be bigger next year.. A big year deserves a big recap, so we're breaking these down into days. Want a recap of what went down on day one of ACT...

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Despite what a few people (who mainly live outside of Canberra) will say, Canberra has got plenty to offer and I will 100% testify to the fact that riding BMX is one of best things to do in Canberra. The Canberra BMX scene is awesome for many reasons, one of them being we have a plethora of skateparks and spots that make it a serious destination for riding.  This summer in Canberra, we're organising some jams at a few of these parks so BMXers from Canberra and beyond can get together for a ride and enjoy the long days and sunshine. If you've...

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