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Above: The crew who journeyed to the central west, at Tamworth skatepark (with a few locals in the line up as well!) I love when riders are industrious about making things happen. It's no secret that we are big fans of building and maintaining BMX - and I think an important part of that is trips to places to ride with other BMXers. But why? What makes it important? One answer is, it gets you out of your bubble. It makes you realise that there is more to what life is (on a BMX bike, or not), than just your current...

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We had some killer footage from that epic trip we did out west last year, so why leave it dormant? This was a fun trip, so many memories. If you're stoked on good times and rad bowl footage, then look no further and jump into the vid below!  

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If you've ever been to Canberra, I think you'll agree that when it comes to skateparks, we've got some of the best in Australia. But over one long weekend we got our eyes opened to some seriously amazing skateparks that NSW  has to offer - only a few hours west of us. A bunch of the Back Bone crew ventured west and found (a lot of us for the first time) 5 seriously good parks that were almost too good to be true! So where are they and what do they contain? Keep reading: Millthorpe in the morning with the sunrise.. Photo:...

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