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Raine Turnbull at Hillfire while filming for the video. Tyson Jones-Peni photo. Some might say the most anticipated section from the video, even though no-one knew that there was going to be a trail section. But hey, this is the Back Bone video.. there was always going to be a trail section. Featuring all kinds of heads from Australia and across the world. We're really proud to have had this opportunity to showcase some of the best trail builders and riders the underground has to offer in our video.. Trail builders inspire us to do what we do at the...

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Where to start with this one! We always knew that the video was going have one hell of a mix section in it, full of our mates and those who have supported Back Bone since day one. In fact, a lot of the crew within this mix section we know from them first having set foot in the shop, to becoming our friends. There are too many legendary people in this one section to list, so you're just going to have to watch it over and over to see for yourself. Oh, lastly (but certainly not least!), B-Dog gets in front...

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