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Jason with that crazy pull-back flip transfer that secured him the win in Mexico. Photo: Rob Dolecki courtesy of A quick highlight the fact that Cult crew shredder Jason Watts is 100% on a tear at the moment; not only did he just go back-to-back with another win at the last Vans BMX Pro Cup in Mexico, but he has also just been nominated for NORA Cup transition rider of the year! It will no doubt be very rad if he pulls it off the NORA, but either way, Jason is showing that it is possible to ride at the...

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If you've walked into Back Bone in the last ten years, more than likely you've had Tyson Jones-Peni say g'day or spotted him behind the computer. Tyson has been a fixture of the Canberra scene since he moved here in 2005 and now after working at the shop for ten years, has recently become co-owner along with good mate and Back Bone creator Rhysty, moving into the new shop in Belco. Despite them both being flat out getting their heads around doing a shop fit out and being on the other side of town, Tyson hasn't slowed down in riding...

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The last two weeks has been rad for Australian BMX. BMX in general in fact. It's great to see Vans work to create such an amazing, legit contest here in Australia. Not only did Vans invite a whole bunch of international rippers to come over, but they also gave the opportunity for non-invited Australian shredders (and Ryan Nyquist - who spun a 900 in finals!) to shred together, with the top 12 to qualify for the invitational. It's good to have local legends and underground rippers mix in with the likes of Dennis Enarson and Nyquist, as much as it's...

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