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Above: Harley Nowakowski took the most laps award on the weekend. Tipping it over to start the line. If you're talking long running jams across Australia, there are few places that have been running jams as regularly, and for as long, as the Valley View trails in Young, NSW. Will and Chris Kerr have been looking after the trail scene in the cherry-picking capital of Australia for over ten years, with yearly jams running for just as long. Perhaps just as, or if not more, exciting as the jams has been watching the evolution of Valley View; with every jam comes new additions...

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The S&M Bikes Australian team including Back Bone maniac Will Gunn, as well as guest star Jonny Mackellar rode the absolute hell out of everywhere from the Blue Mountains, down through to Young NSW to then beast out at the Kerr trails, with a bonus round at Will's ramp. Then across to Canberra for more good times at the trails and parks we have to offer here. Canberra has always been a destination for BMXers the world over, but it seems to be growing with more and more spots - right now Canberra is thriving! If you haven't watched this...

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